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Be the best you when you quit using tobacco!

Nicotine is highly addictive, but small steps towards cutting back can lead to quitting altogether. Quitting is a process so don’t give up after one attempt. Get started with these resources:

Text Message Program

If you’re between the ages of 13 and 24, you can receive free and confidential vaping cessation text messages from the Truth Initiative to help you quit. Text “VapeFreeCT” to 88709 to get started. Para español, envía el texto DEJELOCT al 88709
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CT Quitline

If you are thinking about quitting vaping or smoking and would like some help, a quitline might be just what you need to succeed.

Online RegistrationCall 1-800-QUIT-NOWResources
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Why Quit?

It is so important to quit vaping for the sake of your body, brain, and overall well-being. Using nicotine might prevent you from doing what you want in the future and living the life you dream of.

Although it may seem like all of your classmates and friends are vaping, the reality is that only 1 in 4 report vaping. 

While the idea of quitting might seem intimidating, know this: you’re not alone! With the right resources by your side, you can do it. Ask a friend or family member to quit with you. Those who have support while they are quitting are more successful!

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Another plus? Quitting can help you save money.
See how much you can save by quitting!

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Know Your Triggers

Don’t get tripped up when you try to quit! One of the most important steps in successfully quitting vaping is understanding your triggers. Triggers are the people, places or things that make you want to vape, such as:

  • Finishing a meal
  • Drinking coffee, tea, or alcohol
  • Driving in the car
  • Socializing with friends
  • Feeling stressed, worried, lonely or sad
  • Celebrating or having fun

Once you start to understand what your triggers are, you can begin to address them and get onto the path of quitting.

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Tips for Quitting

There are many helpful tips that can help you to resist the urge to vape and eventually quit. You can try:

  • Quitting with a friend
  • Cutting out one vape or smoke break a day
  • Focusing on your motivations to quit
  • Replacing vaping with a healthy habit
  • Getting rid of the vapes in your house
Calculate Your Savings

Find out just how much money you’ll save when you quit vaping today.

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